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Territory War

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Territory War, another great game hosted by addictinggames. com, is a strategical and addictive game involving a worthwhile adventure. This stick figure battle game is based around the concept of fighting your team against another with victory as the hopeful outcome. You work your way from battle to battle, unlocking more levels and continuing your adventure to become the best of the best in this fighting game. Battling is simple, you are given the option to move your character, after moving a set distance, you may choose 1 of 3 different attacks.

Controls of the Game

ARROWS - Move/Aim Grenade/Gun

SPACE - Jump/Throw Grenade/Shoot

X - Cancel Action

LEFT MOUSE - Interact

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

A gun may be used for long distance attacks, it does little damage but there is a chance that you will recieve a one-hit headshot kill.

You may kick your opponents, doing little damage but helpful in an attempt to knock your enemies off the level, killing them.

The grenade feature is a useful combat option involving skill and precision, you may end up hurting your own teammates with a grenade.

game review

The movement feature is spectacular, allowing each character to move exactly the same distance in each move, however you have full control of the movement until you reached the set distance, you can even jump. The battles can sometimes be lengthy, but always fun. They differ in environment and the number of fighters on each team. As you advance your way through campaign mode, you can unlock new levels and appearances. You can even name each teammate as you desire. The multiplayer mode also adds to the fun as you can take on a friend in a completely customized battle.

Territory War is an all-around great strategy/action game that will keep you entertained for at least a good half-hour.