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Tank Storm 3

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The game's roots are firmly set in World War 2, with a lot of the earlier tiers of tanks covering the various development of tanks from throughout the war. You have the choice of playing either as German, Russian, or USA, however in game terms this only relates to the technology tree and tanks you can use, as each battle is made up of a mix of tanks from each of the nations. The initial tank you have is a free tier-one tank that is armed with a pea shooter and uses wet cardboard as its defense. Unlike other games, Tank Storm 3 where the new boy is regarded as cannon fodder, each 15 minute game has you pitted against other tanks of around a similar tier.

Controls of the Game

ARROWS - Move/Aim Grenade/Gun

SPACE - Jump/Throw Grenade/Shoot

X - Cancel Action

LEFT MOUSE - Interact

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

You can go over enemys tropps

Firing from great distance gives you advatange

Avoiding getting hits, saves you life

Practice with Aim, makes it perfect

game review

This is by far the best free to play game about Tanks out there at the moment. Its well polished, with good sound effects, well detailed tanks and terrain and regular updates and maps. Yes it's not historically correct but its a lot of fun for only the price of a load in broswer. We highly recommend it. Tank Storm 3 is awesome game to kill some afternoon time.